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Thursday, March 18, 2010


...my blog is going through a revamp and an organization, i need to get all my art photos in order so i can get everything up and running,  please stay tuned it will be very soon!

-* AlyseMarie

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


As a child I always found the city to be a magical place that felt like home, a place where I could be myself, where I could be anonymous. As I grew older and moved to the city I saw the magic of it in a whole new light, but it was magic just the same. I found the same magic in a tube of paint, canvas and my own to hands; I found painting. I learned to bring that magic I loved to the canvas. First through bold color and daring random marks and not long after it was in brightly colored skyscrapers and the ebbs and flows of a skyline. 

From the moment I opened my first tube of brightly colored paint I was in love, and that has never changed. But my subject matter has evolved as I have in my own life. From giant cityscapes, that cover the wall, to paintings that fit in your lap, with large boldly colored and textured subjects carry the city on there back, like a child who carries the magic of childhood in a backpack, my paintings carry the magic of life.